Sunscreen Distribution Project

Low melanin means that PWA are at risk of cancer from the sun’s radiation – to practice sun safety is vital!

Persons with Albinism need to:

  • apply sunscreen,
  • avoid midday sun,
  • wear wide brimmed hats and caps,
  • long sleeved clothing and
  • have regular skin checks to detect early signs of can.

AMC works with various stakeholders to provide free access to adequate sunscreen and protective clothing.

Although the Ministry of Health has free sunscreen, most health centres either do not have it in stock or are far from the recipients. Most PWAs are also not aware about it or are afraid to go to the centres to get the sunscreen.

Albinism Multipurpose Cooperative has volunteers who distribute sunscreen to the PWA at request. We furthermore send tubes by bus at our own cost to towns within and outside of Lusaka.

We rely on donations and the goodwill of people to distribute this essential item.