Eye Care Day

People with Albinism (PWAs) – like many of the differently abled groups in our society – have for a long time been mistreated and still today are being looked down upon. Albinism affects the eyes and most PWA have serious challenges in acquiring the desired education and job opportunities due to problems of vision impairment.

Albinism Multipurpose Cooperative of Zambia has signed an MOU with Eye for Zambia, an NGO based at Macha Mission Hospital, Choma, to provide for free vision eye tests and visual assistive aids like UV-Protective glasses, magnifiers and sunglasses.

Our aim is to target any PWA who needs visual assistance: This includes both the young and older people.

Albinism Multipurpose Cooperative of Zambia is keen on involving the educators and their respective schools in sensitization programs in order to assist the learners and families of people living with albinism. We work with the Ministry of Education to identify learners with Albinism with the aim to provide eye care and other necessary benefits for them.

We arrange an “Eye Care Day” with Eye for Zambia, where the PWA are screened and provided with the visual aids.

We would like to cater for 30 PWAs from the whole country every month. Most of the people come from outside Choma – so they need transport, accommodation and meals. We have provided this service to almost 100 PWAs since this programme started in 2019.

We depend on donations for the bus, fuel, driver, meals and accommodation for the 2-day event. The need for proper eye screening for PWAs is high, and we feel that if they are given the basics of visual aids then they are able to function properly in school, work and society, as they are able to see clearly.

It increases their confidence and ends the cycle of dropping out of school.

We want to reach as many PWAs as we can.

Despite the many setbacks faced by PWA: By standing together with partners, well wishers and cooperating NGOs we believe that we will be able to achieve full acceptance and integration of persons with Albinism in society.