Teachers for Zambia

Due to the lack of adequate education in Zambia, especially for underprivileged students, AMC is launching the project “Teachers for Zambia”.

Teachers of all disciplines from Europe or other regions with high educational standards, are invited to spend one year in Zambia in order to bring high quality education and training to vulnerable and underprivileged children.

Our main goal is to provide custom-made, high quality education for students with Albinism or other diseases that cause rejection by the Zambian society and bring about many disadvantages. Each child will be assessed according to their disability and will be provided with a training that fits their skills and needs.

With this, we can give them the chance to build a life in dignity and self-determination.

The work will be on voluntary basis with a basic salary.

If you are interested or have any questions: Contact us by Email or Phone: +260 955 951557