New Boarding School

AMC Zambia is currently preparing to build a boarding school for the underprivileged.

Students with Albinism, as well as blind or autistic students, are excluded from the regular educational system in Zambia.

To address this problem, AMC is preparing to build a boarding school for these precious, yet vulnerable children.

It will have sleeping facilities, as well as a medical clinic, a gym, and several workshops for professional training like sewing or farming, to help the students attain important and valuable skills for life.

The education will be free, and on weekends students will be able to visit their families at home. Yet, during the week, the boarding school will also serve as a safe and protected space for them.

In an effort to effectively carry out its work, the organization has secured land at Leopard Hills 40 km from Lusaka.

To realise this project will cost about 1 mio. US Dollar, and we are currently gathering funds.