The voice of the albinism society in Zambia in all spheres of life.

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We envision a society with full acceptance and integration of persons with Albinism.

About AMC

A Voice for Persons with Albinism in Zambia.

Albinism Multi-purpose Cooperative was established in 2017 to represent Persons with Albinism (PWA) in Zambia. This representation will mainly focus on acting as their voice in all spheres of life especially in the socio-economic sectors, where they are marginalized and stigmatized. Albinism Multipurpose Cooperative is affiliated to ZAPD (Zambia Agency of Persons with Disabilities) and ZAFOD (Zambia Federation of Disabilities) Zambia and Africa at large faces an unprecedented crisis for people living with albinism – security, extreme shortage of skin protection cream, no proper empowerment schemes, and discrimination among many other things.

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